Nov 30

Press Photos of Nexus 7 Successor Leaked

With the current amount of info being thrown around the web about the successor to the Nexus 7, everyone will be surprised if it does not turn out to be real. A video featuring what was purported to be the new Nexus 7 was leaked a few days ago. The video was quite extensive and showed practically everything about the tablet.

Nexus 7 Home
Now alleged press photos about the new Nexus 7 are spreading online. The photos are consistent with everything we know about the tablet so far and confirm the appearance of the tablet at the very least. What’s hard to know at this point is the set of hardware specs of the new Nexus 7. Here are the alleged press photos of the tablet.

The photos are rather high-res so we can see the details about the tablet’s design clearly. The Nexus logo is now presented vertically and there are speaker grilles both on top and at the bottom of the tablet.

Nov 14

Xenon XPad 7 (XP-702) Review

The Android tablet market is getting saturated by the day so it’s naturally getting harder for brands to get noticed, especially those who are relatively new in the market or are simply smaller compared to behemoths like Samsung and Sony for instance. For these smaller brands, the only way to compete, or survive even, is to go dirt-cheap when it comes to pricing. The Xenon XPad 7 is one such budget Android tablet, going for only Php4,299.


The Xenon XPad 7 looks like the Xenon XPad 10, only smaller of course as it has a 7-inch display instead of the 10.1-inch display found on the bigger XPad. And where the Xpad 10 is a mix of plastic and metal finish, the Xpad 7 is all plastic. It has a dark gray brushed metallic look to it and when combined with the all black front of the tablet, the overall appeal is actually nice, like the tablet is more expensive than its actual price.

Nov 07

Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad Review

I’ve always liked the touch gestures on the MacBook. If there’s anything I wanted Windows laptops to have, it’s the touchpad and the gestures available on Apple’s laptops. For a time I had a MacBook Air as my regular laptop and I have to say I was spoiled by its glass touchpad. So when I reviewed the Logitech T650 TouchPad, I was really happy that there’s finally something Windows users can use to make the experience MacBook-like. The Logitech T650 is a wireless touchpad that is optimized for Windows 8 but also works well on Windows 7 systems. Read the review and find out more about this computer peripheral.

Image representing Logitech as depicted in Cru...

Logitech has impressed me countless times and with the Logitech T650, my impression of the company as a maker of reliable and well-designed peripherals has been reinforced. The Logitech T650 is a sleek, premium looking device that looks great from any angle.

Nov 02

Motorola Moto X Specs Review

Motorola recently unveiled the Moto X handset. It’s the first Android phone where Google took an active role in terms of design and product direction. In a sense, therefore, it’s the first ever Android product from Google. There is the Nexus line of devices but products under this line are collaborative efforts between Google and a third party manufacturer. The Moto X, on the other hand, is made by a Google-owned Motorola.

English: Small photo of the Motorola Photon

What does the Moto X look like and what are the main specs? Is it good enough to be considered a top-tier phone the same way the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are classified? Let’s review the specs and features of the Moto X.

The design is where the Moto X has an advantage over the flagship Android phones from other manufacturers. The Moto X is highly customizable as users are given the option of choosing from different colors.