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What digital cameras are best using existing light wihout flash after sunset?

Hi, I'm assuming these are both point & shoot (P&S) cameras. Yes?

While these are both top quality brands of cameras (including P&S's), it is just the nature of P&S cameras that it is tough to get high quality photos in low light. Their electronics just aren't as sophisticated as bigger DSLRs and their processor sizes are smaller - so they can't store the same density of info as the bigger cams. They also have small flashes - so you're not able to cast more light to improve the image capture process.

One thing you can do to give yourself a fighting chance at improving quality in low light is to use a tripod. There's a much greater chance to enhance blur in low light. The tripod (or a monopod) would help take that issue off the table.

If your cameras have a "Night" or "Night Portrait" mode, have you tried them to see if that helps? Since you're playing with digital, and therefore not wasting money on film, also experiment using the "Portrait" mode. In portrait mode cameras typically open up the aperture to achieve a shallow depth of field (e.g, they make the aperture setting bigger to let in more light). Try using that (also with camera on stabilizing device) to see if that helps at all.

At some point, if you're serious about photog vs. just capturing fun memories in snapshots, think about moving up to a DSLR. It will help eliminate the problem you're experiencing with the P&S''s.