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Using ADC of the Zilog Microcontroller

Using ADC of the Zilog Microcontroller
« on: January 02, 2014, 03:24:10 PM »
This machine problem uses the ADC features of the Zilog microcontroller and then displaying the result using the 7-segment displays.

1. For this machine problem, you have to configure your microcontroller to accept eight (8) analog inputs. The analog inputs are all derived from eight potentiometers. You need to have the circuit shown below and connect it to the eight different analog inputs of the microcontroller.

2. A user selects the analog input to be sampled by using the keypad. Keys 1 8 are used to determine which analog input will be sampled. Keys 0 and 9 are disabled. Key * commands the microcontroller to start sampling the analog input and display the results in the 7-segments, while # terminates the command and awaits from the user for another analog input to be sampled. Upon reset, the displays are cleared 0 00.

3.When the user selects an analog input, the microcontroller should be able to display which channel is to be sampled. Until the * is pressed the user can change which channel he can sample. (Note: The display should only show a single digit.)

When * is pressed, analog to digital conversion starts, the latest inputted channel will be sampled and its results will be displayed on the 7-segments. The first 7-segment from the left displays the sampled channel, the second 7-segment form the left ALWAYS display -, the third and the fourth 7-segments shows the analog voltage. Neglect the decimal point.
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