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Pope Benedict XVI- A man of God

Pope Benedict XVI- A man of God
« on: April 19, 2019, 09:45:19 AM »
Former pope Benedict XVI on Thursday blamed the Catholic clerical sex abuse scandals on the 1960s sexual revolution and a collapse in faith in the West, immediately drawing criticism from some theologians.

The ex-pontiff, who retired in 2013 and chose to be known thereafter as "pope emeritus", said responsibility for the crises rocking the Roman Catholic Church globally from Australia to Europe lay with the fight for an "all-out sexual freedom, one which no longer admitted any norms".

He asserted that paedophilia "reached such proportions" because of the "absence of God".

"Part of the physiognomy of the Revolution of '68 was that paedophilia was then also diagnosed as allowed and appropriate," Benedict -- born in Germany as Joseph Ratzinger and turning 92 next week -- wrote in a 6,000-word essay for Klerusblatt, a German monthly magazine for clergy.

Benedict, who was the first pontiff to resign in almost 600 years, said the direct consequence of the 1960s period of counterculture and sexual activism in Europe and America was the "collapse of the next generation of priests in those years and the very high number of laicisations" or priests leaving the Church.

Back before his elevation to the papacy in 2005, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, he headed the Vatican department that investigates sexual abuse