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PECE application and interview

Re: PECE application and interview
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thanks for the response....anyway,in my point of view, there's no difference having a license and having no license with my field of work....but having a license is like having a shield and protection. i think its not needed for me to have it...i'll just enjoy working then.

Re: PECE application and interview
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Thank you for posting this.

Re: PECE application and interview
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To all who are aspiring to become PECE here is your guide...

Comply the necessary requirements at saka i-file sa PRC or attend IECEP activities where they assist PECE applications (Don't forget to bring your documents).

Eto ang mga requirements:

   1. Valid PRC ID as Electronics Engineer or Certificate as Electronics Engineer
   2. Valid IECEP ID or Certificate of Membership in good standing from IECEP
   3. Certified experience record of active self-practice and/or employment either in govít. service or in private sector, in the format to be prescribed by the Board, indicating the inclusive dates, companies worked for, description of specific responsibilities, relevant accomplishments and name, position of immediate supervisor for a period of at least seven (7) years (inclusive and/or aggregate), at least two(2) years of which are in responsible charge of significant engineering work, from the date applicant took his/her oath as and Electronics and Communications Engineers or Electronics Engineer.
   4. Three (3) certification signed by three (3) PECE attesting that the experience record submitted by the applicant is factual (not needed for those who have been registered and licensed as ECE under R.A. 5734, for at least seven (7) years.
   5. Original NBI Clearance (Private Sector)
   6. Original Ombudsman Clearance (for those in govít service)

TIPs to pass the interview:

1. Kilalanin ang Board of ECE (Sila ang huhusga nang kapalaran ninyo para maging PECE)
      Eto sila:
                 1. SYLVIA ICASIANO-MARCELO, Chairman
                 2. NESTOR C. DACANAY, Member                         
                 3. JOEL B. BAJADOR, Member

2. Eto ang mga basehan nila sa pag-rate sayo:
          Subjects: 1. Work Experience
                        2. Punctuality
                        3. Accuracy in Answering Technical Questions
                        4. Composure and Confidence
                        5. Verbal Ability

3. Kung may pagkakataon, pili-in ang mag-interview sayo:
        - Kung si Engr. Marcelo ang nag-interview sayo, life will be difficult (you have to prove ur self na worthy ka to become PECE)
        - Kung si Engr. DACANAY ang nag-interview sayo, life will be less difficult
        - Kung si Engr. Bajador ang nag-interview sayo, life will be easy (may advantage sa mga galing Bisaya na PECE applicants)

4. Additional tips
       -  Sa ngayon hindi pa masyadong strict ang screening especially pagmabait ang nag-interview sayo. Even purely teaching experience ka lang at walang industry experience and do not know how to draw Electronics Plan papasa ka pa ngayon.
       - Pag may IECEP activity attend ka para makilala ka.
       - Pag may nabalitaan ka na meeting para sa creation ng bagong IECEP chapter sa lugar nyo umatend ka at tumakbo bilang isang IECEP officer. Pagnag-apply ka for PECE smooth as silk ang chance mo na makapasa sa interview dahil isa kang officer ng iecep chapter.
       - Significant engineering work hindi tinitingnan kung IECEP officer ka or mabait ang nag-interview sayo. Basta naka 7 years experience may chance na.
       - i-grab nyo na ang oppurtunity ngayon dahil hindi pa nagbabago ang guidelines ng requirements for PECE. Wala pang thesis na ni-re-require kagaya ng sa PEE at PME. Basta naka 7 years experience ka pwede na.

I hope mga kapatid makapagbigay tulong ito sa inyo na gustong mag apply na maging PECE para dumami tayo....

ganito parin po ba ang process hanggang ngaon?